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GiP has expertise in all areas of International Intellectual Property (IP) law. Through a network of associated offices, we are able to offer IP services every country in the world. This, unrivalled international service, has been built over the years giving us an extensive background of practical and theoretical experience providing our clients with information and action involving all areas of intellectual property, Patents, Trade marks, Designs, Domain names,

When you create something unique, you are entitled to protect your intellectual property. The law assigns monopoly for the what you have created for a limited time or indefinitely any one or more jurisdiction of your choice. You can also own IP by simply buying the rights from the creator or owner. If you have created something whilst employed by someone and it was part of your job, you normally do not own the rights.
We are not just another IP practice, we are proud to able to offer related business services to our clients such as;

Tax relief (Patent Box)
Licensing Oppositions Searches
Transfers Due diligence Contracts NDAs
Domain names IP valuation Utility models Company names
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